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We offer professional valuations for all types of commercial properties covering the Central Belt and west/central Scotland.

For Bank Lending

Valuation instructions for "Acquisition" and/or "Bank Security" purposes account for the largest proportion of our Commercial work and the vast majority of Institutional lenders accept our reports. You can be safe in the knowledge therefore that the report we provide will be suitable for your lender.

Leasehold Valuations

  1. On entering into a new lease agreement.
  2. When agreeing to the assignation of an existing lease.
  3. When purchasing an existing lease.
  4. When extending or renewing an existing lease.
  5. When in dispute with landlord/tenant.
  6. To ascertain the value of a "profit rent."
  7. To establish a premium or grassum.

Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) Valuations

We can provide you with detailed professional advice and a “Red Book” compliant valuation report that will be suitable for all property transactions involving your SIPP. This includes; purchase, selling and rent reviews. As always, we provide a quality service with competitive fee quotes.


  1. Assessment of development potential
  2. Market Analysis
  3. Gross Development Value
  4. Residual Valuation

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